Storing your garden hose

Is your garden hose lying around and getting your feet caught in it? You can install one of our hose racks to properly roll up your hose. Do you want to be able to move around with your hose? No problem, use one of our hose reels on wheels which will allow you to both store and move the hose around to make watering your garden easier. It's up to you to choose the right model for you!

Watering your lawn will be a breeze especially if you use Mermier watering accessories. Your lawn will be beautiful and dense thanks to your watering and our quality tools. Hose racks: a wide range of design hose racks are available to make storing your hose more practical and aesthetic. No more hose lying on the ground or awkwardly rolled up on the floor. Hose reels: no need to carry your hose by hand around your garden when you have one of our wheeled hose reels. These transport and storage tools make it easier to water large areas of land. Hose accessories: a part is broken on your hose reel? no problem, Mermier offers a range of accessories to repair and allow longer durability.