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With more than 130 years of experience in the world of gardening MERMIER designs and manufactures in Tinchebray in Normandy, tools to maintain and embellish your garden: rakes, shovels, hand tools, watering reels, wood carts, hand trucks, .... 
With more than 200 references, Mermier meets all the needs for gardening in all seasons. For professionals, accessories such as high-capacity reels are available.

The brand is committed to the environment by offering PEFC certified wooden handles. They are all painted and varnished with environmentally friendly water-based solutions.
Our handles are coated in red on the part close to the tool head in order to protect the end of the handle from humidity and therefore from wood rot.

MERMIER guarantees its tools for 10 years (excluding the handle) against all manufacturing defects and for the normal use for which they are intended.

Finally, thanks to our promotional tools, you can display our products in your points of sale in order to promote them.

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