Drain your garden

Mainly on clay soils, we can observe a problem of water drainage in the vegetable garden. When it rains or when the air is humid, the appearance of puddles that do not drain away can be observed.

So, you have to find a way to drain all this water because the accumulation and stagnation of water is bad for the plants. Root or seed rot can occur or diseases can infect your plants.

How do you create drainage in your vegetable garden?

An easy method is to dig a ditch 40-70 cm deep. This ditch will allow the water to spread evenly.

As a result, the ditch will become grassy. A biodiversity zone will be created and at the same time excess water will be drained.

Another advantage is that after heavy rainfall, access to the garden will be easier because the areas with puddles will be concentrated in the drainage ditches.


The tools to be used for this task are the hoe or trowel which are often used to create holes or lines for planting.