Sowing lawn

Everyone dreams of a beautiful green lawn for their garden!

But to get it, you have to be particularly careful at every stage of planting the lawn.

The best times to plant grass are in spring or autumn. In fact, the soil temperature should remain above 10 degrees for several weeks. The perfect temperature should be between 14 and 25 degrees.


In addition to the soil temperature, it is important to prepare the soil before planting the grass.

Weeds must be removed, for which you can use a scraper or a hoe. Use a rake to level the soil and a dung hook to work the soil and allow for drainage to facilitate water flow.

Once the soil has been meticulously prepared, the next step is to sow the grass. This is done by broadcasting the seed according to the manufacturer's instructions and watering in a light rain.

The lawn roller is an essential accessory for compacting the seeds so that they can take root in the soil.


With these tips, the grass will not be green anywhere else!