Trim your hedges with our Mermier tips!

Before you start trimming your hedge, you need to look at the diameter of your branch because depending on whether the branch is thick or thin, the tool used will not be the same.

The different tools


Ideal for cutting fleurs or shrubbery branches, it provides a good grip when fitted with long handles.

Grass shears:

To perfect the cutting of your lawn, this model of shears is very useful for cutting the grass at the edges.

Hedge shears - Straight blades:

Cut hedges containing small diameter branches with our shears that will offer you clean cuts.

Hedge shears - Weavy blades:

The corrugated blades of the shears allow the cutting of larger diameter branches. In effet, the corrugation of the blade prevents the branch from slipping during cutting.

Tips for use

Check the tension of the blades for a clean and precise cut, by adjusting the screw or bolt.

Maintain your blades, disinfecting them with methylated spirits between each cut to prevent the spread of parasites and diseases. Aff sharpen them as needed to maintain a good cut.

Remember to wear gloves to avoid blisters and save your strength if you prune for long periods.

For your safety, change your shears at the first sign of weakness.